About Me

In my childhood & youth golf is just one of many sports that I enjoy a lot. Ice hockey, tennis, skiing and floorball are my favourite sports, some of which I practise in clubs. With the ever-increasing amount of time I spent in school, I consequently had to stop practicing them as the years went on.

At the age of 15, I was accepted for the first time into the U16 squad of the region Grisons. With this, golf became more and more important for me and finally I give up floorball, which ive been playing for many years.

Golf is now more and more Golf now fills most of my spare time, however I do practice skiing and badminton in the winter months for additional training.

The many polysportive experiences from my childhood & youth are for me the best versatile movement experiences which still supports me in my technical development.

Name: Mauro Gilardi
Date of birth: 16.11.1999
Place of residence: Chur, Graub√ľnden
Hobbies: computer science, badminton, skiing
Profession: Computer Scientist EFZ (systems engineering)

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