Bogogno 2020

The Mastercoach Camp will take place in Bogogno again this year. This year, as expected, everything is a bit different, because only the TOP 8 amateurs and the Top 8 professionals can participate in this camp.

The programme of the week is clearly defined and we have time to spend with the Master Coaches Ian Peek, Viktor Gustavson, Dr. Rob Neal and Stuart Morgan and learn in all areas. In addition, we have the opportunity to train and exchange with the best pros in Switzerland.

This huge mountain of information is very difficult to process and hits the psyche so that my golf game becomes rather secondary during this week. But I don’t think this is a negative thing, because from the information I have received I can now draw up a plan with Philippe for what will be looked at step by step and what we think has the highest priority.
So in the coming months we will make some small but big feel changes that will give my swing the stability it needs to play even more consistently.
In addition, off the golf course, we are working on a strength programme with Mark Casutt to increase the speed of my swing, which can give me an important advantage on the increasingly longer golf courses.

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