Brabazon Trophy

Together with the SwissGolf Selektion I will travel to England on Sunday afternoon. The first tournament will take place on the golf course Sherwood Forest and will be one of the biggest amateur tournaments.
I have never played golf in England before and I am excited about the challenges I will be facing.

Before stepping on the training facility or the golf course, a COVID temperature check has to be done at the tournament office. On Monday we play the official practice round and analyze the course and its difficulties.
At dinner we will share these observations and discuss tactical suggestions. – I feel ready for my first tournament round in England.

Day 1
I don’t start well and have to accept a double bogey on hole 2 and so I am already 2 over PAR after 2 holes. I can hold this until hole 6 and on hole 7 I managed to get my first birdie. In a positive mood I play the next two holes also with a birdie and get on 1 under PAR. On hole 10 I miss the tee shot and have to accept a bogey.
After this bogey I play very good golf and I manage 4 more birdies on the last 8 holes. I can finish my first round with 4 shots under PAR and rank myself in the TOP 4 after the first round.

Day 2
Today I start early in the morning, which is very good, since bad weather is forecasted for the afternoon. I play very solid golf over 18 holes and don’t make any big mistakes. I play some bogeys because my long game today is not so accurate and I miss some greens and make the PAR difficult.
With a solid PAR round I finish the second tournament round and am still in the top 10. The top 64 qualify for the two final rounds, for which I can now prepare myself.

Day 3
Today the wind is strong and I feel very comfortable warming up.
The wind makes my round more difficult and I have only a few good birdie chances. Again my long game is not as I wanted and I have to rescue some PARs from difficult positions.
In the end I can finish the third round with a score of +1 was very good for my game today. With this score I fall back a few ranks, but I am still in the top 25.

Day 4
The previous day I already had trouble with the wind. Today the wind is much stronger than the day before, so that even when putting, the wind has to be taken into account. With up to 80 km\h wind gusts I try to play my best game, but I can’t control the ball flight well enough and have to take some bogeys and penalty shots.
today I can’t handle the wind at all and mostly don’t feel confident with the shots, which makes me finish the round with +8 and throws me back to 46th place.

I noticed that the conditions here in England can change quickly and that I have too little experience so far on how to play in such wind. – But I still see the positive and know that even with such a round I am still positioned in the front third in a very strong field.

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