The support in the areas of equipment, finances and physique are very important for me on my way to becoming a golf professional. Over the past few years, I have created an environment that gives me very good guidance and supports me 100%.

My employer (Würth ITensis) supported me enormously during my apprenticeship 2015-2019 with flexible working hours and great support. With my current part-time employment (70%), I continue to receive flexible hours which, in addition to golf and fitness, give me the optimal balance for my further development.

For several years now, I have been supported by the association in the area of coaching (Philippe Freiburghaus) and now also in the area of the organisation of international tournaments. Additional events organised by SwissGolf motivate me to continue to work on myself through input from Master Coaches and to constantly improve my game.

Sporthilfe switzerland has been supporting me for several years with various benefits in all areas and the possibility of receiving annual financial support through a sponsor so that I can cover part of my expenses for material or individual trips.

Claudio Casutt from Casutt Druck & Werbetechnik is my official supporter of the Sporthilfe sponsorship. We share a passion for golf and sport in the canton of Graubünden.

With Marco Meyer (Callaway Switzerland representative), I have a great advisor and a perfect contact person for my equipment. The support increases from year to year and I also receive the expected trust in my further development and I am happy to have Marco as my personal contact.

In the area of fitness, I am supported by Update Fitness, where I can train my strength, endurance and speed optimally in their numerous fitness centres throughout Switzerland.
With the location in Chur, I am lucky to train in one of the newer fitness centres, which can be reached by bike within 5 minutes — time-saving.