Swiss International Amateur

Back in Switzerland it is now just one day break and on we continue with the next tournament involving an international field of participants. On Tuesday the practice round with Philippe is planned in Zumikon. Arrived at the golf course we get informed that the course is mostly unplayable due to the rain and will be closed for the day. We have no other choice than to walk around the course and make a few putts on the greens.

After the 18 holes of the course have been walked, we will discuss the individual holes at lunch and finish the day. – I feel ready for the first round of the tournament and I am looking forward to it.

Round 1
In the first round I play solid golf and after nine holes I am one under PAR. After two more well earned birdies I am three under PAR after 14 holes and therefore on a very good way. The first big miss happens on hole 16, where I drive the ball into the rough and can’t get to the green with my second shot. I get a good bogey and finish the first round with a total of 2 under PAR, which puts me on the third position.

Round 2
Today I start early in the day which means: less wind, less ball flight. I have to fight with my long game today. I hit the greens but rarely get good birdie chances. With a few birdies and the same amount of bogeys, I finish the round with PAR and stay two under PAR for the tournament, which means i only lost one position.

Round 3 & 4
Today will be long, because there are two times 18 holes and I start the second last group shortly before the leader flight. In the morning it’s less hot and the ball flies less, but I play extremely good, I can”t use my chances on the green and have to accept some bogeys. With a double bogey on the 12th hole I know that I have to fight my way back. I can finish the round with two over PAR which puts me back to 8th place in the overall ranking. – The leader is currently 6 strokes in front.

Very motivated I start with a birdie into the afternoon round and with -2 after 9 played holes I am on good way as I had planned. I know that I have to continue playing like this to have another chance to beat the leaders.

On hole 12 I manage another birdie which brings me to a total of -3. With very good shots on holes 13, 14 and 15 I get three great birdie chances, but unfortunately I can’t make use of any of them. On hole 16 I play a bit too aggressively on the flag and the ball lands 4 meters behind the flag on hard ground and jumps just (30cm) into the Out of Bounds. With the second ball I can almost save a bogey, but finally I have to take a double bogey. With two solid final holes I finish my last round with -1 and place myself on the fifth rank.

The ranking is good, even if a stupid mistake towards the end of the tournament cost me 2-3 shots. A top 5 ranking after winning a tournament is a good result for me and I can take a positive total of the last two weeks.

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