Wintertraining 20/21

A long winter break is coming up, during which I will not travel to any international events, as these either do not take place or there is a quarantine obligation when entering or leaving. This will give me enough time to work on my physical condition, my golf game and my mental state and to prepare myself perfectly for the start of my next season in February.

Training with Philippe is scheduled twice a week in Domat Ems. We have decided not to train indoors, as we can work more effectively when the ball is in flight and not simulated. The training also takes place at 0 degrees, because important experiences are also gained in these hours and even if fewer hours are trained in cold temperatures, the learning effect is almost even greater, because the focus is 100% existent.

In the current long tournament break, I will also increasingly practice alternative sports to bring a little variety into my endurance, speed and strength training (badminton, skiing, endurance training).

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