Seasonstart 2021

Seasonstart 2021

I started with very targeted strength build-up training in January under the guidance of my physical coach Marc Casutt. Luckily, I have access to a gym suitable for top sports, which I used a lot and with pleasure. Progress was clearly noticeable until a small injury in my chest muscles forced me to do nothing for a two-week period. “Now I was able to focus more on my job as a IT engineer and took time for my putting. With Philippe Freiburghaus, I was able to get a high-tech analysis of my putting done by Tom Ritsch in Unterengstringen and thereby could set myself new goals in the technical area. The analysis is done and now it’s time to stabilize the execution of the movement!

My upper body is becoming more stable and agile from day to day, so I can slowly guide my body back to a full golf swing. Soon I’m off to Italy, where I can do my first real and full training sessions with 18 hole rounds. Before I leave for the first training camp, I have to go to Marco Meyer for a club fitting with Callaway. Here I can test the new material and put together my equipment for the 2021 season – I am looking forward to the announced innovations.

After the training and fitting days, the first training camp with SwissGolf is coming up on 21 February, which will take place this year in Le Robinie in Italy. At the training camp, I will prepare for the first international tournaments with the best amateurs in Switzerland under competition conditions. The Spanish Amateur Championships will start on 3 March and will therefore kick off my 2021 tournament season. I am really looking forward to taking part in this top tournament for the second time. My first goal this year is to make the cut so that I can play for the tournament victory in the following match play of the top 64.

My entire planning is based on my personal state of health and is limited by the current pandemic regulations of the individual countries and their golf associations. My flexibility in my job allows me to change my plans at any time, even at short notice. “I am ready for the coming weeks and know my goals for the season”.

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